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How RetouchUp Works: Billing

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Please note that: All charges on the cardholder monthly statement will be from “Hollywood Fotofix Retouchup Co”.  Hollywood Fotofix is our parent company.

Billing FAQ:

Q. Is there a monthly fee? 

A. No, there is no monthly fee or contract to sign to use We only charge for orders that you have submitted. If you do not use us within a given month your card on file is not charged.

How RetouchUp Works: 24 Hour Turnaround Time

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Average turnaround time fluctuates throughout the year. Our goal is to have a 24 hour maximum turnaround time. This can be impacted by holidays and our reduced weekend schedule.

We do offer a RUSH service with a goal of maximum turnaround time being 12 hours or less. You made add this option on the last screen where you name your order and instructions. Our RUSH service fee is 50% of the order total.

We do not guarantee 24 hour turnaround time at any time due to many factors which may include reworks/revisions, order size, level of difficulty, corrupt file, additional information needed, price change request, or artist availability.

If you are under a tight deadline please email us at or give us a call at 888-700-3686 and we’ll attempt to expedite your order.

The Best Way to Get Your Images Color Corrected & Retouched!

Our Color Correction Team would love to help you get the best color results from your images! After they are through with them you can turn them over to our Retouching team for further editing if needed.

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If you have any other questions about the Color Correction + Retouching process please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-700-3686. Thank you!


Giving Retouching Instructions 101

We wanted to post some tips for giving retouching instructions that can help our artists better understand your needs and in return provide you with the best service possible.


How RetouchUp Works: Uploading Your First Order

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After sign up you will now be able to log into your user account and submit your first order.

On your dashboard you will be able to see an overview of your account – the Upload Order option is located in 3 areas for your convenience. There is a large green “Upload New Order” button on the main screen. You will also be able to select it on the top tool bar and left hand dash bar under “My Orders” – any of these options will deliver you to the Upload Order Screen.

Log In Help

Here’s some great tips if you need help logging into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Users!


Hi! Welcome to RetouchUp! We are so excited to be your new partner for all your retouching needs. We’ve listed our top FAQ’s from New Clients below to help assist you with any questions you might have.

How RetouchUp Works: Creating an Account


How it works (1)


How RetouchUp Works: Creating an Account

Here’s some great info on how everything works for new users and existing RetouchUp clients! In this post we will discuss how to create an account and frequently asked questions about our Sign Up page.

RetouchUp’s Simple Pricing


The RetouchUp® pricing model is easy to understand, and communicate.  For us and our clients, the ability to easily understand pricing is KEY.  It’s WHY we have the pricing categories that we do – because they divide the complex retouch needs of our clientele, and divide them into three easy to understand categories:

Complete (Standard facial retouch).  This is the stuff you see every day.  The blemishes, stray hairs, facial shine, softening bags under the eyes, and whitening teeth and eyes (this upon request.)  This is easy to understand.  Standard facial retouching.  We call it “Complete”.  It’s a complete standard facial retouch.

Complete Plus.  This includes the Complete(standard facial retouch)… PLUS certain specific additional items such as Eyeglass Glare, Head Swaps, Brace Removal, Extending a canvas background to fit more people.  The items covered by Complete Plus are specific, and listed.

Special Services.  This category covers everything not already specifically covered by the Complete and Complete Plus categories.  Adding or removing buildings and people, thinning someone out, removing cars or other objects.  This is the catch-all.

This system works. Our clients appreciate our pricing system, and consistently list it as among our most appreciated strengths.

You can’t know how long an image will take us – so we don’t charge based on difficulty.  You can’t know off-hand whether removing these powerlines or removing that acne will take more time – so we don’t compare between categories.

Instead, you can know that certainty that Complete covers standard facial retouching, that Complete Plus covers braces, eyeglass glare, head swaps, extending backgrounds, and that Special Services covers everything else.  You can learn it, know it, and count on it, just like we do!




Tips on Giving Retouching Instructions is a family owned, multi-cultural company with headquarters located in American Fork, Utah and retouchers located in Lima, Peru. We also serve pro photographers from around the world! With that in mind we wanted to post some tips for retouching instructions that can help our retouchers better understand your needs and in return provide you with the best service possible!

r e t o u c h u p . c o m

Use as few words as possible to convey the message. By being short and specific, the instructions will be easier to understand and follow.

Example: The mother was not very happy with her daughter Sarah that day, and she feels that her expression does not look natural in image 21, so she requested that we use the girls head from image 23 where she is sitting next to her grandpa.

Better: Use #21 as the main image. Swap head from little girl in pink from image #23.

Avoid using language that is not universally known. Descriptive words can mean different things to different people.

Example: Saying “Remove the fizzy spots” can translate to something else and the retoucher might not understand what “fizzy” means to you.

Better: Saying “Remove spots from clothing.”

When referring to a person or object in photo that might have a lot going on in it, indicate “Photograph Right” or “Photograph Left” This way the artist knows it’s their right not the subjects right.

Example: Please remove the groomsman on the right.

Better: Please remove the groomsman on photograph right.

Consider if a reference photo is needed. 

For instance: Please remove the ring bearer from in front of the bride so we can see detail in the gown. In this case without a photo of the gown we wouldn’t be able to fill this request.

Consider the feasibility of the request. 

Sometimes photos come in with requests that us just being shy of magicians, we aren’t able to fix or retouch. We want to… we really want to! But we simply can’t.

For instance: Please turn the grandmother’s head 90 degrees so she is looking at the group. Also we know she is in the shade but can you make it look she is in studio light. And if you could change her apron to the one she used to have. (sorry no photo available.)


We love working with you and appreciate your business. We hope these retouching instruction tips help insure that the upload process is easier and faster for you as well as helping our retouchers give you the best service possible!