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NEW RTU TOOL: Optional Photo Markup!

We’ve added a new tool here at RetouchUp to help make communicating an area of concern to an artist and enhance a clients written instructions. The Photo Markup Tool is completely optional and designed to be used for specific edits most likely seen in a Complete Plus or Special Service. 



Find out what it means to me! 
-RTU Customer 
*sung to the tune of Respect by Aretha Franklin

We want to find out exactly what R-E-T-O-U-C-H-U-P means to you! offers 3 retouching levels: Complete Retouch, Complete Plus and Special Services. 99% of our work falls under ‘Complete Retouch’ which covers anything that is extremely typical with portraits and wedding photography: Stray hairs, facial shine, blemishes, whitening of teeth or eyes, bags under eyes, sensor dust, chipped props, etc. Although all of those issues are covered under the Complete Retouch, we know that every photographer and studio has their own sense of improvements they would like to see on their images. So we rely on you to let us know what RETOUCHUP means to you, so we can tailor our service, as much as possible to your specific studio preferences.

After upload you will find an option under Workflow Tools called ‘Default Retouch Notes’ which lets you specify your retouching preferences one time and automatically list what you want for each order. It can then be edited for a specific order if one of your regular preference doesn’t apply.

Happy Uploading! If you have any questions on any RTU services let us know. We are here to help!


Birthday Wishes

Your artists definitely feel like they’re a part of your team!  And it shows!  They read your quality feedback – and it buoys them up, or shows them how they can improve and become better artists.

We’ve created a mailbox where you can (if you choose) leave birthday wishes to recognize your artists’ birthday with a happy greeting, message or even song.  Everyone loves a little bit of recognition – and a birthday is a great day to do it on.

If you’d like to wish a birthday greeting (or send any greeting for that matter), you can call and leave it at (334) 232-9674  or (334-BDAYMSG) and it will be given to your artist on his/her birthday – or for any general event.

Artists celebrating a birthday in April:

Erick              April 3
Jimmy            April 3
Israel             April 3
Marybell        April 10
Alex C.           April 12
Elvira             April 14
Cecelia C.      April 15

Using Your Feedback Tools

On every order you place, and even on each image, you have the ability to give a rating.  Each of these ratings and feedback are reviewed by a member of our staff.  All textual feedback is read personally by our president.  In addition, all textual feedback is available for the artist who did your work to read.  All star ratings are tracked on a per-artist basis.

Or, in other words, your feedback matters!  When you take the time to share your feedback, it has an impact from artist to president.

Consider the brief moments it takes to leave meaningful feedback as sharpening the axe, or oiling the gears – it helps your artists perform their best.