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Insist On Using The Rework Tool

Our reviews are outstanding, but our artists are still mortal.  If you receive an image that requires more work – avoid the temptation to adjust it yourself – all reworks are included at no charge.

With less than 24 hour turnaround time (sometimes as quickly as an hour or two) your artist can do the adjustment him/herself, saving you the time, but more importantly discovering more about your preferences and learning from their mistakes.

When mistakes happen, please insist upon US fixing the issue.

We greatly appreciate your business.

Service Policies

Turnaround Time

Average turnaround time fluctuates throughout the year.  Our goal is to have a 24 hour maximum turnaround time.  This can be impacted by holidays and our reduced weekend schedule.  During peak times of our peak season, we can receive many multiples of our average daily volume.  We are prepared for these – but even with preparation turnaround time can exceed 24 hours.  During most of the year, our average turnaround time is much faster than 24 hours.

Resources to use if you have a hard deadline include the Rush tool, which can cut several hours off turnaround time, or calling us directly at (888) 700-3686.  You’ll find that we’re always willing to speak with the artist to see how we can push along an order you’re concerned about.

Working together, we’re sure we can meet important deadlines.