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Safari 6.1 Unsafe Mode

With the update to Safari 6.1, all add-ons that Safari uses, are restricted to what is known as a “Sandbox”. Any applet used by Safari 6.1, is now restricted from accessing your personal files (and therefore, the photos you wish to upload to us.

If you are seeing no photos when trying to add a file, you are affected by the problem:

To fix this issue, you have to run an applet in “Unsafe Mode”. This will allow the website outside of the “Sandbox” and allow it to read your files.

Step 1: Click the Safari Menu at the top-left of the screen, to the right of the Apple Icon

Step 2: Click “Preferences…”

Step 3: Click the “Security” tab in the preferences window

Step 4: Click the “Manage Website Settings…” button next to “Allow Plug-ins”

Step 5: Verify you have “Java” selected on the left-side of the window (as of the writing of this document, the latest version is Java 7 Update 45)

Step 6: If you have visited Retouchup and tried to pull up the applet at least once, you should see the site listed on the right-side window.

Step 7: Select the “Allow” dropdown window, and select “Run in Unsafe Mode” at the bottom

Step 8: It will then ask if you want to give permission to access personal documents. In order to download your photos, needs this permission. Click “Trust” to confirm it.

Step 9: To verify that “Unsafe Mode” is set, look for the grey triangle next to “Allow”. If it is there, then you are done.

Just click on “Start New Order” again, to reload the page, and you can continue using on Safari 6.1!