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New Bulk Pricing for Color Correction – $0.15/Image

New Bulk Pricing Color Correction Offer

We’re so excited to now offer bulk pricing for our color correction services! Any color correction order with 50+ images will automatically have bulk pricing applied to it which is just $0.15 per image. There is no subscription or monthly payment needed to get this awesome offer. It’s available to everyone and you simply pay for what you need. Color correction orders with less than 50 images can still be submitted, but they will be priced at $0.25 per image. Save yourself the hassle and time of color correcting your images and send them to us! We’re here for you if you have any questions!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Christmas card RTU

Wherever you are for the holidays, RetouchUp wishes you and your family lots of joy and laughter! And safe travels!

Here’s a little stocking stuffer for the new year: Use code “HAPPY2022” for a one-time $5 towards any service.

September ’21 – Week 1 – National Save Your Photos Month

Ever experienced a hard drive failure and lost family or client photos? If no, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! September is National Save Your Photos Month and is a great opportunity to remind your clients to have backups. Photo restoration, printing, and cloud storage are all excellent ways to preserve photos! In particular, photo restoration really does save photos and gives families peace of mind knowing pieces of their family have been preserved. For free photo restoration marketing resources (before and after’s, videos, etc.) please click here.

Special Offer!

Enter code GETSTARTED at checkout to receive 50% off one restored photo.

Photo of car damaged and torn

Photo of car restored

July ’21 – Week 4 – Coupon Code!

We just wanted to say thanks for choosing to work with us! Getting to where we are today would have been impossible without you. So thank you, and here is a coupon code for $10 off any service!


(Valid through the end of August 2021)

March – Week 4 – Improving Your Service and a Coupon Code!

RetouchUp - This month we improved your service by

Our new artist testing system was completed earlier this month, giving our operations team the ability to create test orders that every editor will receive through the course of their regular workflow, arriving indistinguishable from live orders.

These test images allow us to test not just for overall technique and quality, but for specific types of images, such as “stray hair removal of backlit fine hairs against complex background”, for example.

We’re better able to direct work to the best available editors for a specific request, identify strengths and weaknesses for individual editors and the team as a whole, and appropriately prioritize training.

Each week our team works on system improvements, and we’ll share the more significant ones with you each month here on the blog and on the RTU Insider email.

In addition to that, we also want to say thank you for using RetouchUp and give you a $5.00 coupon code that can be applied to an order until the end of April, 2021. Use code MARCHRTUINSIDER when checking out to take advantage of this offer!

Offer Photo Restoration Services with help from RetouchUp!

This photographers client found this image of her grandma in need of restoration. Instructions: Remove pen marks, fix ripped corners, colorize.

The photographer was happy to help and sent it away to RetouchUp and had it back to the client within just a couple of days! It now proudly sits in a beautiful frame on top of her grandma’s passed down piano!


Since 1993 Hollywood Fotofix, RetouchUp’s parent company, has proudly restored hundreds of thousands of images partnering with photo labs and local photo studios around the world.

As the market changes, but with still the same demand, there is a huge hole in the marketplace for the ongoing need of photo restoration. Those who are in the professional photography industry are perfect to be able to step up to meet this demand. 

Announcing! Photo Restoration at

We are so excited to announce that you can now upload your photo restoration orders directly through the web site like any other order. Simply select the “Restoration” service level after you have uploaded your photos and you will be able to send your damaged scanned photos, negatives or slides to us for a total restoration.


Photo Quiz Contest!

We’re launching a big Quiz Contest to put your knowledge to the test all in the name of photography! Three winners will be chosen by the highest scores to receive Gift Cards!


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Here’s how to enter:

  • Like on Facebook.
  • Take our Photography Quiz! You have 10 questions to score as many points as possible. Invite your friends and earn +25 extra points for each referred entry (up to 125).

*Limit one entry per person. You must have a Facebook account, like on Facebook, and complete the quiz in order to enter this giveaway. Winners will receive one of three gift cards to be used at future orders. Value: 1st Place $100, 2nd Place $50, 3rd Place $25 based on their quiz score total. Giveaway closes June 20, 2014, at midnight MST. Winners will be selected at end of contest and announced on June 23, 2014.  Click here for official contest rules.