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March – Week 4 – Improving Your Service and a Coupon Code!

RetouchUp - This month we improved your service by

Our new artist testing system was completed earlier this month, giving our operations team the ability to create test orders that every editor will receive through the course of their regular workflow, arriving indistinguishable from live orders.

These test images allow us to test not just for overall technique and quality, but for specific types of images, such as “stray hair removal of backlit fine hairs against complex background”, for example.

We’re better able to direct work to the best available editors for a specific request, identify strengths and weaknesses for individual editors and the team as a whole, and appropriately prioritize training.

Each week our team works on system improvements, and we’ll share the more significant ones with you each month here on the blog and on the RTU Insider email.

In addition to that, we also want to say thank you for using RetouchUp and give you a $5.00 coupon code that can be applied to an order until the end of April, 2021. Use code MARCHRTUINSIDER when checking out to take advantage of this offer!