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September ’21 – Week 1 – National Save Your Photos Month

Ever experienced a hard drive failure and lost family or client photos? If no, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! September is National Save Your Photos Month and is a great opportunity to remind your clients to have backups. Photo restoration, printing, and cloud storage are all excellent ways to preserve photos! In particular, photo restoration really does save photos and gives families peace of mind knowing pieces of their family have been preserved. For free photo restoration marketing resources (before and after’s, videos, etc.) please click here.

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Photo of car damaged and torn

Photo of car restored

Photo Restoration During the Pandemic


(Transcript for the above video)


GARY: Photo restoration is the digital process where we take an original photo that fits on a scanner bed and you simply scan it and you get a digital copy, you send that image into us and we will restore it digitally, and send you back a digital copy. This is almost a perfection way of restoring a photo. 

AUSTIN: We love to fix old photos. Repairing these photos that have been damaged, either through the effects of time, or other elements, like water, light, etc. And that’s what photo restoration is, is fixing these old photos that have a plethora of problems. We go in there and digitally restore them. 

An update on best SEO practices for photographers in 2020


It’s possible that you know a lot of things about SEO, or maybe you are new in the photography industry and want to learn more about it. Today we want to share a list of key concepts you can apply to improve your ‘visibility’ online and rank higher. These are valuable steps you can take to be more visible when potential clients need the services you offer and to improve your actual strategy – if you fill is necessary in order to have a rewarding year. 

The 3 S’s of SEO

The 3 pillars to build a successful SEO platform for any photographer are:

Announcing! Photo Restoration at

We are so excited to announce that you can now upload your photo restoration orders directly through the web site like any other order. Simply select the “Restoration” service level after you have uploaded your photos and you will be able to send your damaged scanned photos, negatives or slides to us for a total restoration.


In a World…

We thought, with a voice like this, wouldn’t it be neat if he could do our phone system’s voice greeting?

We were so excited when he was willing!

Although we’re sticking with Jake’s version of our classic voice greeting, here’s the “Movie Trailer Guy” version.  That was a lot of fun, but we like to keep the drama OUT of client support calls and it sends out the wrong impression! 🙂

As always, our team is available to help you with all of your photo editing questions and needs at (888) 700-3686, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm MST. We look forward to hearing from you!

Time Well Spent: Our Auto-Responder Series

Some activities we do can pay long-term dividends.  Others are necessary, but once they’re done, the benefit is over.

One activity has continued to pay dividends for a long time, and that’s the auto-responder email series we created to welcome new clients.

This series of 4-6 brief emails (writen about a year ago in an afternoon, but revised regularly) is sent out to new clients over time.  All we have to do is give iContact that week’s new signups – and they will get a brief, helpful email introducing them to features they’ll need to know about. 

Not only is this helpful for new users – it’s a useful way to get people information over time, not through a firehose all at once – it’s a great way to keep us in their mind. 

An auto-responder series can be useful anytime you have a series of information you’d like to keep in front of willing recipients. 

How about a “Top Ten Wedding Tips From a Wedding Pro: Advice from someone who has attended hundreds of weddings from Alpine to Payson.”  Perhaps each wedding tip is sent out three days apart.  A wedding photographer’s site might be visited by many brides-to-be comparing galleries – what an advantage it would be to capture these potential clients’ email address with the promise of some juicy tips on having the best wedding possible…  Then to stay present in this person’s mind as the 10 tips unfold.

We email our new clients, but you could have a web form collect them on your site.  iContact is the company we use.  They can do auto-responders, email newsletters, as well as email tracking.

For us, our auto-responder series has really been time we felt was well spent and continues to pay dividends.

Little Fixes

How many pixels does it take to change a lightbulb?


Imagine a growing family looking for a new home.  They find a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, and the price is right.

Can you imagine overlooking this home because of a couple nail holes in the wall, or a burnt out lightbulb?  It wouldn’t make much sense – these things can be fixed so quickly, and at little cost.

Each day, your clients see “holes in the wall” in their own images – imperfections that they don’t want immortalized in their portraits or family pictures.  They may not want to seem hung up on how their neck looks in a certain photo – or how a certain bit of facial shine draws attention to their nose – but often that is what is happening.  This can result in a smaller final sale.

Make sure your clients know that if they see any “burnt out lightbulbs” in their images, that you’re able to switch them out through the power of retouching.

Would it be appropriate to take 30 seconds and show a customer 3-5 examples of before/after of common concerns being edited away prior to reviewing the proof prints?  Could a few simple 8×10 before/after pairs help the customer see past the little fixes, and net you more sales?

Don’t let their ignorance of how easily these things be corrected keep them from purchasing more poses.