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August ’21 – Week 3 – The Photobomb Podcast

The Photobomb Podcast

What happens when you put photographer speaker/teacher and 20-year radio career, Booray, with expert photographer and actively serving Past President of the Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida, Gary? You get The Photobomb Podcast! Catch up on the latest photographic news and philosophy with two pros who know the industry inside and out. But it’s not all serious talk, you’ll get what they call “an irreverent mix of humor and photographic knowledge.” Come ready to learn and laugh! 

If you’d like to learn more about Booray and Gary and their work, you can check out their websites:

Booray –

Gary –

July ’21 – Week 3 – PPA

PPA logo

Is all of your camera equipment insured and are you protected against data loss and upset clients? Do you have proper copyright set up? Are you surrounding yourself with other professionals to learn and gain inspiration? Do you have access to a massive library of online classes to improve your craft and make sure your business is on track for success?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may want to take a look (or another look) at becoming a PPA member. PPA is not sponsoring this post in any way, but after interviewing multiple professionals who recommend PPA for all photographers, we felt it would be appropriate to mention this great tool and resource.

Some of the benefits of being a PPA member include:

  • Equipment/liability/data loss insurance (and more!)
  • Professional certification
  • Education – 900+ classes
  • Copyright protection
  • Discounts on big name brands
  • Community – connect online or in-person with other professionals
  • Resources for sales and marketing and even customizable contracts
  • The PPA magazine

To learn more about PPA and their offerings click here.

June ’21 – Week 3 – Get Your Shoot Together Photography Podcast

Mary Fisk-Taylor and Kira Derryberry animation

Learn with two brilliant minds in the industry – Mary Fisk-Taylor and Kira Derryberry! Get Your Shoot Together (GYST) focuses on issues that face photographers today. From marketing yourself, studio and gear, shooting, business techniques, work life balance – it’s all discussed here! Mary and Kira let you kick back while they talk shop. Enjoy a new episode each week!

Click this link to listen to an interview we had with Kira last month! And stay tuned for next month’s interview with Mary!

April ’21 – Week 3 – Evernote

Evernote logo


In last week’s interview, Booray Perry was quite adamant about using Evernote – software that stores and organizes your notes, pictures, audio, scans, PDFs, documents, etc. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits and uses of Evernote to understand what it has to offer. We are not affiliated with Evernote in any way. We are simply passing along resources that were recommended by prominent photographers.

March – Week 3 – 17hats

17hats logo green and black


In last week’s interview with Kirstie Marie Jones, she highly recommended 17hats as an excellent resource for photographers, especially if you’re into saving time and not having to do the same mundane tasks again and again. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the features and benefits of using 17hats and provide links if you’d like to learn more. We are not affiliated with 17hats in any way.