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Color Correction Service Now Available now offers a Standard Color Correction bulk RAW conversion and color correcting service!

Here’s the skinny:

Standard Color Correction

  • Turn around time is typically 36 hours or less (depending on the season).
  • WE accept JPG, TIFF, and common RAW formats as well as DNG.
  • Your images will be corrected to meet an industry standard for color, contrast and density.
  • Your files will be returned as full size jpegs ready for lab printing or retouching.
  • $0.29/image!

What Standard Color Correction is NOT

  • It’s NOT CUSTOM (The standard means both that it’s standard across an image (no masking) and it conforms to our industry accepted standard for color.

How To Order

To order, you’ll upload like normal, but instead of selecting a retouching service, you’ll find Standard Color Correction in the services list.  Just select there, name your order, and you’re done!  No instructions required!

If you later want to retouch images that you have color corrected in this way, you won’t need to reupload!  Just select “Import From Existing  Completed Order” – you’ll be able to send those select images that need retouching in for additional retouching service!

Have additional questions?  Please email Austin at  That’s what he’s here for.  “OH!!!  THAT’S what he’s here for!”