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April ’21 – Week 4 – Improving Turnaround Time

RetouchUp - Better Mixed Order Routing

Complete, Plus, and Special – these are our three levels of retouching. For your convenience, you can send us an order with mixed retouching levels. We’ve updated our backend processes to better understand if an order is multi-level. The benefits of this update include:

1. Artists being able to more quickly identify the content of an order.

2. Being able to route orders to an available artist faster.

3. Provide you with improved turnaround time.

You’re busy and have deadlines. That’s why one of our main focuses is to get you quality work fast. We’re confident and encouraged by what we’ve seen already that this improvement will be to your benefit!


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April ’21 – Week 3 – Evernote

Evernote logo


In last week’s interview, Booray Perry was quite adamant about using Evernote – software that stores and organizes your notes, pictures, audio, scans, PDFs, documents, etc. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits and uses of Evernote to understand what it has to offer. We are not affiliated with Evernote in any way. We are simply passing along resources that were recommended by prominent photographers.

April ’21 – Week 2 – An Interview with Booray Perry

Booray Perry portrait

What a fun time it was to sit down and pick the brain of Booray Perry! In this week’s interview, Booray gives great tips and insights into how he’s navigated the waters of the pandemic during this last year, and shares some of the tools that make his daily life so much easier and more efficient. The full audio of our interview and the transcript are below.

April ’21 – Week 1 – New Simplified Rework Process

Revisions are a normal part of the retouching process. We have recently made a change to the rework procedure to simplify the process. To rework an order, select the “REWORK ORDER” tab on the order page.

Rework Order with red emphasis box

This will now bring up a new option for you to rework either specific individual photos or ALL PHOTOS in the order.

Rework order black border

If you select “Rework Individual Photos” you will be able to add notes under the photo or photos you wish to return. Any unmarked photo WILL NOT be returned. 

Rework Individual Photos

Within the individual photo rework option you can use the Markup Image feature to highlight a specific request. This tool can be used to circle or mark specific areas to be addressed. Please add all supporting text in the text box NOT on the markup. The text must be added before using the Markup tool.

Markup Image example

If you select “Rework All Photos” you will get one text box to add general instructions that will apply to ALL photos. This should only be used when general instructions can be applied to an entire order.

Rework ALL photos

In the rare case you feel an order should be started over, we prefer that you reach out to Customer Service and they can work with you on how to proceed. We always have the original un-retouched images on file so there is no need to place a new order. 

Please reach out to us directly if you need specific help with the rework process or any other questions about our system. We are here to answer your questions and help you any way we can.