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Serve More Clients and Increase Revenue With Photo Restoration
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Video: Offering Photo Restoration To Your Clients

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Tell Your Clients ‘YES!’ to Photo Restoration

Your clients have photos that need to be restored. Who better to help them than YOU? By restoring photos you help your clients preserve their priceless memories. At just $100 retail per restoration (or more), every 10 restorations you ACCEPT could mean an extra $1,000 to your revenue. Photo restoration is profitable, while serving your clients’ needs.

Accepting restorations is EASY:

Your professional camera can digitize as well as a scanner, when properly angled and lighted.

Photo scanners are also quick and convenient. If you don’t yet have one, we like the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner which doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, is completely portable, scans in seconds, and scans photos of any size. Here’s how it works. (We’re not affiliated with Couragent, Inc. or their Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner).

Quick ideas for offering photo restoration:

  1. Tell your fans and followers on social media. A simple but BIG announcement lets your clients know you make this available to them!
  2. Offer a holiday special for the first several clients that ask for photo restoration. Restorations make GREAT holiday gifts.
  3. Create a handout or email your clients that you now offer photo restoration!

The holidays are right around the corner so start NOW! We’re here to back you up every step of the way.

Get excited to offer photo restorations and continue to grow your business.

Email us a picture of what you’ve done to start offering photo restorations (could even be a screenshot of a social media post) and we’ll send you a pair of white cotton gloves, a loupe, and a reference card for offering photo restorations. Please include your address in the email for where to ship your package. 

Here’s to preserving memories, and GROWING YOUR BUSINESS WITH PHOTO RESTORATION!


-Your Team at RetouchUp