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October ’21 – Week 3 – An Interview with Chris Smith

Chris Smith portrait

Find your niche and stick to it. We’ve all heard this, but Chris Smith takes this saying and flips it on its head. From photography techniques, to teaching how outsourcing saves you time and expands your business, to explaining how to keep yourself from getting stuck in a rut, Chris expounds on all of this and more in this month’s interview!

October ’21 – Week 1 – Busy Season Is HERE

Here are a few tips to help you as we navigate this busy time together:

  1. We are here to help you. If you have questions about a service, or whether or not we can perform a certain task, please contact our customer service team for help.
  2. Turnaround times may be longer from now until mid-December. We have prepared for this by extending artist hours and adding additional personnel in operations. Please have a little patience with us. We will do everything within our power to get your images to you as quickly as possible and with good quality. 
  3. Sports clipping in particular is extremely heavy this year, so bear this in mind as you prepare for finishing work or promise delivery. As a reminder, sports clipping that involves nets (La Crosse, Tennis, Volleyball) are considered complex due to the nets or webbing. If these kinds of clippings are submitted as a 1-2 subject/object clipping, they will be upgraded to the 3+ subject/object clipping charge. The same thing applies to other complex clippings, such as many types of jewelry that have chains or intricate features, plants, chandeliers, etc.    
  4. If you have a hard deadline, we advise you to add the RUSH SERVICE option. This will ensure faster delivery.
  5. Double check your instructions prior to submitting to make sure they are clear and concise and any necessary guides are included. This will help prevent delays due to the need to contact you for clarification.

All the best,

Your RetouchUp Customer Service Team