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Photo Restoration: A Profitable Service for Photographers

Memorial day restoration before and after


You’re able to restore old damaged photos because we restore old damaged photos! Now your clients just need to know that you’re able to fix their photos.

Why is photo restoration one of the most profitable services for photographers? The photos have already been taken. You simply need a scan of the damaged photo and then you’re ready to send it to us!

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What to do in the next 48 hours:
Find a damaged photo that means something to you, and let RetouchUp restore it for 50% off using coupon code ‘GETSTARTED’. This is the best way to discover the deep meaning and value of this service for yourself!

To do in the next week:
Share the before and after with your clients, then regularly share our prepared photo restoration shareables through your social media. Selling photo restoration doesn’t require anything more than letting your clients know you offer photo restoration.

Old family photos are treasures worth saving!

May ’21 – Week 3 – Restoring Family Legacies

Wood Family damaged - before

Because of the pandemic there is a higher demand for photo restoration than we’ve ever seen! People have spent more time at home cleaning and going through photo albums, leading them to find photos that have become faded or otherwise damaged. Photo professionals have a great opportunity to turn to their client base and let them know their photos can be fixed! RetouchUp offers high-grade restoration services at a low cost.

Give your client base a little nudge and let them know you can restore photos. We’ll provide you with many different examples of photo restoration that you can use in your marketing efforts and are free! Click this link to be taken to the example gallery.

An Interview with Margaret Remy

Portrait of Margaret and John Remy


We were privileged to have had an interview Margaret Remy and ask her some questions about photo restoration. She’s been in the photo industry for 37 years! Below is the transcript of the interview:

Photo Restoration During the Pandemic


(Transcript for the above video)


GARY: Photo restoration is the digital process where we take an original photo that fits on a scanner bed and you simply scan it and you get a digital copy, you send that image into us and we will restore it digitally, and send you back a digital copy. This is almost a perfection way of restoring a photo. 

AUSTIN: We love to fix old photos. Repairing these photos that have been damaged, either through the effects of time, or other elements, like water, light, etc. And that’s what photo restoration is, is fixing these old photos that have a plethora of problems. We go in there and digitally restore them.