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Little Fixes

How many pixels does it take to change a lightbulb?


Imagine a growing family looking for a new home.  They find a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, and the price is right.

Can you imagine overlooking this home because of a couple nail holes in the wall, or a burnt out lightbulb?  It wouldn’t make much sense – these things can be fixed so quickly, and at little cost.

Each day, your clients see “holes in the wall” in their own images – imperfections that they don’t want immortalized in their portraits or family pictures.  They may not want to seem hung up on how their neck looks in a certain photo – or how a certain bit of facial shine draws attention to their nose – but often that is what is happening.  This can result in a smaller final sale.

Make sure your clients know that if they see any “burnt out lightbulbs” in their images, that you’re able to switch them out through the power of retouching.

Would it be appropriate to take 30 seconds and show a customer 3-5 examples of before/after of common concerns being edited away prior to reviewing the proof prints?  Could a few simple 8×10 before/after pairs help the customer see past the little fixes, and net you more sales?

Don’t let their ignorance of how easily these things be corrected keep them from purchasing more poses.