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Offer Photo Restoration Services with help from RetouchUp!

This photographers client found this image of her grandma in need of restoration. Instructions: Remove pen marks, fix ripped corners, colorize.

The photographer was happy to help and sent it away to RetouchUp and had it back to the client within just a couple of days! It now proudly sits in a beautiful frame on top of her grandma’s passed down piano!


Since 1993 Hollywood Fotofix, RetouchUp’s parent company, has proudly restored hundreds of thousands of images partnering with photo labs and local photo studios around the world.

As the market changes, but with still the same demand, there is a huge hole in the marketplace for the ongoing need of photo restoration. Those who are in the professional photography industry are perfect to be able to step up to meet this demand. 

Just like the photos you digitally take of your clients that become so important to them, you can also take care of the important photographs that they have stored away in boxes due to damage, rips, fading and tears. What a wonderful way for photographers to add another avenue for being profitable and extend their reach to new clients that might not have found them otherwise!

Here’s how you can add it to your own service options!

  • Add ‘Photo Restoration Available’ to your website.
  • Add ‘Photo Restoration Specialist’ to your business card.
  • Upload a special photo to RetouchUp that’s in need of restoration. Share the before and after on social media announcing that you offer Photo Restorations!
  • Send an email announcing that you offer Photo Restoration. A great way to capture more profits this gift giving season without taking up your valuable shooting schedule.

It’s easy to upload Restorations to RetouchUp!

  • First, digitize the photo! You’ll either need to scan it in or take a photo of it. (Either way your client doesn’t need to part with their photo for very long or have it get lost in the mail.) You can use a scanner you already have or we highly recommend this mobile scanner at
  • To take a photo of it just make sure the image is flat, well lit and that you’re camera is positioned from above to capture the image.
  • Upload the image to
  • Select ‘Photo Restoration’ option on the Select Service screen.
  • Name your order and include instructions.
  • Send it in and we will take it from there! Everything is covered, no matter the amount of damage, under one flat rate wholesale price.
  • You’ll receive the restored digital file in just a couple of days!
  • RetouchUp’s free rework system and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee makes sure that both you and your customer will always taken care of!