Retouchup Blog

August ’21 – Week 1 – The Upcoming Busy Season

It’s time! School, sports, holiday season – it’s all going to be in full swing soon! What can you do to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible? 

  • Choose the correct retouching level. For example, if you need glass glare removal and select Complete Retouch, instead of Complete Plus Retouch, this will cause a delay. When this happens, these projects need to be manually reassigned to an artist capable of making the requested edits. 
  • Remember to upload reference photos. It happens quite a bit when we receive a request for a head swap or background replacement but no reference photo gets uploaded. Please double check that reference photos have been added to your order as needed. 
  • Give clear and complete instructions. PLEASE give specific instructions for the retouching your photos need. Saying “Do your best” or “See sample for what I did” will delay your order as we’ll have to call to clarify what you need. PLEASE do not add text to the markup image, all instructions must be added to the instruction box.

What have we been doing to prepare for this upcoming busy season? 

  • Improved turnaround time. Regular internal checks for our artists are used to monitor turnaround time and rework frequency. 
  • Artist mentorship program. Artists who have been with us for a decade or more will personally coach a few artists with less “seat time”. This helps us deliver a better product faster. 
  • Test orders. They appear like regular orders to our artists and they allow us to check how artists are performing on challenging tasks. The results help us better route orders and apply training when needed. 

As we do our best to give you fast turnaround times, please keep in mind that the Turnaround Time Estimator does not predict how long your order will take to complete. It shows a snapshot of how long it took to complete the same retouching level in the last 24 hours. Larger or more complex orders generally take longer. Turnaround on weekends is typically a bit longer as well. If you have a hard deadline we advise using the RUSH option.

As always, our customer service team is just a phone call or email away! Thank you for working with us and we look forward to having the best busy season yet!