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Outsource Real Estate Editing to Save Time and Boost Profits

Every type of photography has its challenges to get that “just right” photograph.  Real Estate and Architectural photographers can face a number of variables on a location assignment. From lighting, time of day, atmospheric conditions, location and temperature, there is always a challenge ahead. 

Fortunately we have a dedicated and talented staff of artists that can make all those challenges look like they were never an issue.   

In photo 1 there was a sudden change of staff right after the photo session. NO PROBLEM. This was completed for a mere $10.00 as a Special Services request. Since our pricing is all inclusive, you can also request facial retouching, glasses glare, distracting items removed, etc. (see our post from Dec. 9 on simple pricing) 

There are no hidden charges or surprises for you.  The ability to add or remove people from staff photographs saves your client from having to assemble everyone together again.  Downtime is costly.

There are so many details that can easily be overlooked when setting up for an exterior shoot. Fire hydrants than cannot be moved, stop signs and the inevitable window reflections. We can easily make all that disappear. Photo 2 shows several changes we made to make a big improvement in this office personnel photo.   How many changes do you see? 

Clients may even be right by your side while shooting and are happy with everything until they see the proof images. Then they may ask,” can you move this, remove that, change the color of this to that?”   Of course you can.  With our average 24 hour turnaround time and low cost you can make the budget and beat the deadline too.   

We serve many Real Estate and Architectural and Commercial Photographers with such requests as swapping skies, stitching photographs together, removing cords, plugs, people, cars, buildings, you name it. Let us help you to get that commercial job JUST RIGHT.  

If you have specific questions about any of our services, please contact our customer service team.

The RetouchUp Team