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Pre Season Planning

By: Gary Poole

We are well into summer vacations now and before long school will be back in session. Right now is a great time to begin planning for the upcoming school year. Why not strive to make the 2015-2016 school year your best year ever.

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Efficiency starts with a good plan. By sending your senior retouching to you will find more hours in the day to make those calls, photograph more sessions or just catch your breath after a long day out in the field or in the studio. The smoother and more efficient the work flows the sooner you can show proofs or make delivery. One photographer said they had been able to get their delivery down from 3-4 weeks to one week on average after switching to for their senior retouching. Now that is a significant improvement.

Our most popular service for seniors is our Complete Retouch. For only $2.50 per image we can smooth facial shine, remove acne, remove or minimize stray hair, whiten eyes and teeth as well as remove any minor spots in the background.

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We offer very fast delivery times and with our satisfaction guarantee there’s never been a better time to rely on the professionals at to help you streamline your school portrait workflow.

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