Retouchup Blog


You have a fixed number of hours in a week, but numberless possibilities for what to do with them.

If you had to prioritize the following activities according to what will make the biggest difference to your business’ growth, where would retouching fall?

  • Staying in better contact with past clients.
  • Finding new ways to market to the community.
  • Asking for referrals from existing clients.
  • Building a social network following (twitter/facebook/blog).
  • Researching which up-sell products are most popular.
  • Streamlining your studio workflow.
  • Spending more time with each client.
  • Creating (new) seasonal promotions.
  • Creating alliances with related businesses.

Does retouching blemishes and stray hairs make the list?

By rearranging what we do with our limited time, we can make a big impact on our job satisfaction and business growth.

If you found in response to a retouching emergency, consider exploring using us as a business tool to allow you to reallocate limited hours.