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Thanks for referring to other Professional Photographers!

We love that so many of you refer us to others. We can’t say thank you enough! One of the questions we often get from professional photographers is if they can recommend our services to others outside the industry.

We choose only to work with Professional Photographers for many reasons – the knowledge of what is and what isn’t possible in Photoshop and Lightroom, the quantity and quality of photographs sent to us,  and the professional partnership that we can share with qualified individuals such as yourself!

What’s Possible

Pro photographers understand on a highly intimate level what a great tool Photoshop is to have in their arsenal. The possibilities to make their images be the best they can be are almost endless!  On that same note, pros also are very aware of Photoshop’s limitations.

It can be amusing for those who use PS in their work to see how Hollywood uses it.  In a crime movie, a detective can direct his IT specialist to take some extremely blurry and pixelated security footage, zooming in and enhancing the image until the image is sharp and crystal clear. So crystal clear you can see the suspect in the reflection of the bank teller’s eyes!

We have found that the general public has more of the Hollywood perception of what Photoshop is capable of. When a non-pro has sent in an order to we have often found that they may have unrealistic expectations. This taxes our artists and our system, which could affect the quality of service we want to offer our clients.

Quality and Quantity

Professional photographers take professional pictures. We don’t mean just head shots for a local business! We mean pros take professional, top quality, high-res images that took years of hard work, training, and continued education to master. These ain’t your neighbors’ low res selfies coming in. Your hard work behind the camera deserves only the best on the post-production side! Receiving top quality images from photographers lets us give top quality editing back.

Pros shoot over multiple photos per session, delivering several final photos for their clients to choose from. The quantity (and again quality) of images that a pro sends in over the years helps us provide volume wholesale pricing to those in the industry. Our affordable, simple pricing wouldn’t be possible if we served the public who usually only send in one image to never return as a customer again.

Professional Partnership

We value our relationship with our partners over anything else. Working with you and being a part of your workflow is an honor to be a part of. You trust us with your images. They are your art, your time, your energy, your passion and your business. Your passion helps push us to grow with you as a partner to deliver outstanding retouching and the highest customer service.

We are incredibly grateful to you for choosing us for your retouching and editing needs. Thank you for recommending us to your colleagues, your pro friends, in social media and around the internet in photography forums and blogs. That is a true compliment that means the world to us!

Sarah + james